A civil war has been taking place in Northern Uganda for the last twenty
years. Members of a rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army
have been fighting the Ugandan government for control of the region. As a
result, thousands of civilians have been murdered, 1.5 million have been
displaced, and children live in fear of being kidnapped and forced to fight for
the rebel army. Many families seek refuge in the capital city of Kampala

Once farmers, most of these families now work in the stone quarry. They break rocks into tinier pieces all day long, earning a little less than $1.

The Christian Upliftment School was started in 2005 by its former director, Pr. Boniface Owani, who brought orphaned children down from Northern Uganda where they would be safer from the dangers of the current civil war. Unfortunately, in February 2006, not long after the school had been evicted, the director suddenly died. The school is now being run by his wife, Hellen Owani.  Hellen works tirelessly to take care of these children.  But she needs our help.

Our sponsorship program allows these children to go to school rather than work in the quarries.  They are educated and given a warm meal.  Without sponsorship, many children would be denied an education simply because their parents/caregivers cannot afford for them to go.

Here is the school’s monthly budget:

Expense          UGX (shillings)                   USD
food 1260000 504
Baby Class teacher 100000 40
Middle class teacher 100000 40
Top class teacher 100000 40
Primary one teacher 120000 48
Primary two teacher 120000 48
Primary three teacher 130000 52
Primary four teacher 130000 52
Primary five teacher 150000 60
Primary six teacher 150000 60
Primary seven and head teacher 180000 72
Cook 1 80000 32
Cook 2 80000 32
TOTAL 2700000 $1,080


In addition, bank transfer fees are around $60 per monthly transfer and Grassroots Schools Global Affiliates take 5% of every donation, bringing the necessary total to $1,197.

You see with $1,197. needed monthly to run properly,  120 sponsors giving $10 a month/$120 a year are needed. We currently have 0 sponsors giving a total of $0 each month. We therefore fall $1,197 short. Can you help us to fill in this gap and reach the monthly budget?


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