Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship empowers your child to attend school and improve their lives.  It also empowers you to make a difference in the world and in the life of a child!

1.  You are welcome to write to your child as often as you wish.  Your child will write to you three times per year.  They love to receive letters and photos of their sponsors.  Letters go a long way in boosting your child’s morale and encouraging them to stay in school.  (If you would like to sponsor a child but can not find time to write letters, please let us know — we can work out a confidential arrangement for another sponsor to write to your child.  However, we do not have a penpal only program.)

2.  When you write to your child, please do not put your address or phone number anywhere on the letter.  Children’s letters will be sent to the Sponsorship Coordinator who will then distribute them to the sponsors.  This also helps to protect you from unwanted solicitations and protects your privacy.

3.   Do not send money to your child.  Chances are it would not reach your child.  Donations should be sent through Grassroots Schools Global Affiliates, a registered 501c3 nonprofit charity.

4.  If you want to send a small package, please send lightweight (preferably padded envelopes) packages ONLY.  Hellen has to pay custom fees for packages which can sometimes add up to more than the package is worth.  On the customs form at the post office, please indicate that the package is ‘USED’, ‘NO VALUE’, ‘GIFT FOR SCHOOL CHILD’.  This will help decrease custom fees.

5.  Please send “appropriate” things.  Do not send food, war related toys or items, pictures showing immodest clothing, etc.  The culture at the school is modest and conservative.

6.  You will receive an annual update on your child, including a photo.

7.  Your sponsorship contributions will be used for the school’s operations, including teacher salaries, rent, and food.  It provides the opportunity  for your child to go to school, develop, learn and play.

8.  In the near future we hope to provide extra items for you to purchase for your child such as a school supplies, textbooks, etc..

9.  If at some point you find it necessary to cancel your sponsorship, please let us know in advance so that we can find a new sponsor for your child as quickly as possible.


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