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Our fundraising efforts for the Christian Upliftment School have grown slowly but surely over the past two years. We were able to send $500 to Hellen again in February and are letting funds accumulate for another transfer. Hellen reported that the funds came just in time to do some repairs on a classroom and the fact that the inspector sees that they continue to work on it is what keeps the school opened. I let her know that it is very important that we receive receipts of payments made, even if she is buying bricks out of a truck who doesn’t usually provide receipts. She said that she was adament with the man she contracted to do the roof to come and pay the payment voucher and was late in sending me an update as she was waiting for his signature. So she took the request seriously!

We would love to have contact with a volunteer or missionary in the Kampala area who would be willing to do visits to the school and perhaps help Hellen learn to use Google Drive so she can report things like teacher attendance and student attendance. We also are looking for a donated camera to send with someone who is traveling to the area in late April and has volunteered to take the camera to her. Please e-mail if you can donate a camera for this cause or if you are in the Kampala area or know someone who is and could do school visits. She currently takes pictures on her phone and reports having a really hard time getting them to me via the computer. She had to print these ones off and scan them aparently, but if she has a camera with its USB cord she can just upload them.

Hellen says that things are going well with the school in general. Their biggest needs are the remaining funds for the school repairs, more funds to properly pay teachers and purchase materials regularly, and funds for school meals.

She sends a huge thanks to everyone who is supporting the school!

Repairs and Additions

Repairs and Additions

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