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We are writing to let you know that the Christian Upliftment School is now on Global Giving:
Global Giving is a large site that pairs up international projects with donors. They have periodic matching days where incoming donations are matched by large corporations. The site also gives the school visibility to donors looking for projects to support, who would otherwise not know about it. These are wonderful opportunities to multiply your genorosity and make a larger impact for your cause! We will keep you updated of such opportunities.
Also, we have the opportunity to gain a spot for CUSchool on a new similar site that is powered by Microsoft called Give for Youth. This is quoted from an e-mail from this site where an invitation was sent to participate in an upcoming challenge. If we are successful, CUSchool gains a permanent spot on the site and access to the matching funds and other fundraising opportunities:

Give for Youth is inviting interested organizations to take part in a, Give for Youth Open Challenge. The Open Challenge will take place July 1-31, 2013. We ask that organizations raise $5,000 from 40 unique donors. There will be at least $20,000 of incentive funds provided by Microsoft as part of this campaign!

Lastly, Auntie´s Angels recently delivered more food for the school. Regretfully, All for youth Africa, a non-profit that also periodically sent funds to Christian Upliftment School, has closed its doors. So this is just another reason that more supported is needed to be ralleyed for the school! After a very dry period, the school continues to serve its function of educating these kids!

Thank you for your support,

The Christian Upliftment School Sponsorship Team


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