A Recent Visit & Donations, Plus Building Improvements Needed

We are happy to share that although Hellen passed some months quite ill and in pain from the accident she was in, she is feeling much better and able to focus more on running the school now. An organization that supports schools in Uganda called Auntie’s Angels sent a visitor to the Christian Upliftment School recently on a Saturday. After talking to Hellen about the school’s needs, the following food and items were purchased:

  • a 50kg bag of posho
  • 100kg of beans
  • 100 pencols
  • 20 pens
  • 7 dozen books
  • some firewood (I believe this is what was written)

Hellen and the school are very grateful and also plea for help through more donations and sponsorships as this food will not last very long… while that doesn’t take away from their gratitude. Thank you, Auntie’s Angels, for taking the initiative to serve this school when it has been abandoned by many!

In addition, Hellen let us know that an inspector from the Ministry of Education came and inspected the school. Due to the poor conditions of some of the classrooms, the school is threatened to be shut, or at best, the primary section may be shut and the nursery only will remain. She pleas for $1,000 US to help resolve this issue. In the previous post, there is a letter from the Education Department of the local government granting a few more months for the proper license to be obtained and the improvements to be made.

Can anyone help meet this plea?

If you sponsored previously, we have been sending individual updates that Hellen has provided on the sponsored children. She apologizes that she cannot send photos of those who remain at school, but she has no access to a camera, and we also know that she recently suffered an accident, and has a lot on her hands in general. If you would like to inquire any further about the recent visit that was made to the school, you can write to info@auntiesangels.com.



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