A Little Funding & an Accident

Hello! We hope that all who read this are doing well. We are happy to announce that we were recently able to send a little funding that has come in to Hellen to help with the school. It was not much at all, but something is better than nothing. So it is important to note that there are still sponsors on board and the sponsorship program still is running! This school will survive and one day thrive after all!

However, we have a bit of bad news to share as well. Hellen, the school’s director, was recently in a very scary accident. While coming back from a church event, the bus she was in flew off the road into a body of water. Two people ended up dying and the rest suffer from injuries. She has a gash on her right elbow which is being treated. Once it is better and she can write a bit more freely, she hopes to be able to send a more detailed message. But right now, she is grateful to be alive. That surely does sound like a scary event. Please let us know if you have anything you would like to send, whether monetary, physical items, or messages, to encourage her during this time.


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