Who are we helping?

I was thinking the other day about the families of the children who go to Christian Upliftment.  I was thinking about the children who suffer through parents who are alcoholics and drug users.  Or worse, children who have no parents are shuffled from place to place in order to get food.  I was amazed when Hellen sent me the biography of a little girl only five years old.  When asked where she lived she told Hellen that she moves from house to house to do work in exchange for food and a place to sleep.  How could something like this happen?  How could there be so much despair in one place? 

Then I started reading about the Lord’s Resistance Army and the horror they bestowed on everything they crossed.  Some of the stories were so horrific I cried while reading them.  Then I thought of these people near CUS trying desperately to forget what they have seen and experienced.  Trying to continue on with some semblence of a life.  These people were peaceful farmers before the LRA tore their lives apart.  It may be too late to help the parents who have suffered, but the children still have a chance.  Despite all they have gone through they still have hopes and dreams of a better life.  For just $60.00 a year you could help a child to get not only an education, but approval, caring, and the support they need to succeed.  Check out our childrens pages and choose a child today!

Here’s an interesting article on the Lord’s Resistance Army:



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