Welcome to Christian Upliftment!

Christian Upliftment Primary School is  located in Kampala, Uganda and serves up to 300 children.  Classes start at nursery for three years and continues on to primary for grades one through seven.  The children who attend Christian Upliftment are from families who were forced to leave northern Uganda due to civil war.  Many of the children have lost parents and family members. 

Still, they have a dream.  A dream to get an education and break the chains of poverty that have plagued their families since the war.    These hard working children wake every morning to chores and duties that must be completed before going to school.  Many take care of younger siblings as well as themselves.  At school they receive not only an education and a warm meal, they get support and acceptance.  They are given a chance. 

Won’t you give a child a chance?  For only $60 per year (made in three installments) you can give a child a chance…a chance at an education…a chance to feel accepted…a chance to break those chains and succeed!

Please take a look at our sponsorship pages and consider helping one of our children.


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