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Our fundraising efforts for the Christian Upliftment School have grown slowly but surely over the past two years. We were able to send $500 to Hellen again in February and are letting funds accumulate for another transfer. Hellen reported that the funds came just in time to do some repairs on a classroom and the fact that the inspector sees that they continue to work on it is what keeps the school opened. I let her know that it is very important that we receive receipts of payments made, even if she is buying bricks out of a truck who doesn’t usually provide receipts. She said that she was adament with the man she contracted to do the roof to come and pay the payment voucher and was late in sending me an update as she was waiting for his signature. So she took the request seriously!

We would love to have contact with a volunteer or missionary in the Kampala area who would be willing to do visits to the school and perhaps help Hellen learn to use Google Drive so she can report things like teacher attendance and student attendance. We also are looking for a donated camera to send with someone who is traveling to the area in late April and has volunteered to take the camera to her. Please e-mail if you can donate a camera for this cause or if you are in the Kampala area or know someone who is and could do school visits. She currently takes pictures on her phone and reports having a really hard time getting them to me via the computer. She had to print these ones off and scan them aparently, but if she has a camera with its USB cord she can just upload them.

Hellen says that things are going well with the school in general. Their biggest needs are the remaining funds for the school repairs, more funds to properly pay teachers and purchase materials regularly, and funds for school meals.

She sends a huge thanks to everyone who is supporting the school!

Repairs and Additions

Repairs and Additions

Christian Upliftment School on

We are writing to let you know that the Christian Upliftment School is now on Global Giving:
Global Giving is a large site that pairs up international projects with donors. They have periodic matching days where incoming donations are matched by large corporations. The site also gives the school visibility to donors looking for projects to support, who would otherwise not know about it. These are wonderful opportunities to multiply your genorosity and make a larger impact for your cause! We will keep you updated of such opportunities.
Also, we have the opportunity to gain a spot for CUSchool on a new similar site that is powered by Microsoft called Give for Youth. This is quoted from an e-mail from this site where an invitation was sent to participate in an upcoming challenge. If we are successful, CUSchool gains a permanent spot on the site and access to the matching funds and other fundraising opportunities:

Give for Youth is inviting interested organizations to take part in a, Give for Youth Open Challenge. The Open Challenge will take place July 1-31, 2013. We ask that organizations raise $5,000 from 40 unique donors. There will be at least $20,000 of incentive funds provided by Microsoft as part of this campaign!

Lastly, Auntie´s Angels recently delivered more food for the school. Regretfully, All for youth Africa, a non-profit that also periodically sent funds to Christian Upliftment School, has closed its doors. So this is just another reason that more supported is needed to be ralleyed for the school! After a very dry period, the school continues to serve its function of educating these kids!

Thank you for your support,

The Christian Upliftment School Sponsorship Team

A Recent Visit & Donations, Plus Building Improvements Needed

We are happy to share that although Hellen passed some months quite ill and in pain from the accident she was in, she is feeling much better and able to focus more on running the school now. An organization that supports schools in Uganda called Auntie’s Angels sent a visitor to the Christian Upliftment School recently on a Saturday. After talking to Hellen about the school’s needs, the following food and items were purchased:

  • a 50kg bag of posho
  • 100kg of beans
  • 100 pencols
  • 20 pens
  • 7 dozen books
  • some firewood (I believe this is what was written)

Hellen and the school are very grateful and also plea for help through more donations and sponsorships as this food will not last very long… while that doesn’t take away from their gratitude. Thank you, Auntie’s Angels, for taking the initiative to serve this school when it has been abandoned by many!

In addition, Hellen let us know that an inspector from the Ministry of Education came and inspected the school. Due to the poor conditions of some of the classrooms, the school is threatened to be shut, or at best, the primary section may be shut and the nursery only will remain. She pleas for $1,000 US to help resolve this issue. In the previous post, there is a letter from the Education Department of the local government granting a few more months for the proper license to be obtained and the improvements to be made.

Can anyone help meet this plea?

If you sponsored previously, we have been sending individual updates that Hellen has provided on the sponsored children. She apologizes that she cannot send photos of those who remain at school, but she has no access to a camera, and we also know that she recently suffered an accident, and has a lot on her hands in general. If you would like to inquire any further about the recent visit that was made to the school, you can write to


A Little Funding & an Accident

Hello! We hope that all who read this are doing well. We are happy to announce that we were recently able to send a little funding that has come in to Hellen to help with the school. It was not much at all, but something is better than nothing. So it is important to note that there are still sponsors on board and the sponsorship program still is running! This school will survive and one day thrive after all!

However, we have a bit of bad news to share as well. Hellen, the school’s director, was recently in a very scary accident. While coming back from a church event, the bus she was in flew off the road into a body of water. Two people ended up dying and the rest suffer from injuries. She has a gash on her right elbow which is being treated. Once it is better and she can write a bit more freely, she hopes to be able to send a more detailed message. But right now, she is grateful to be alive. That surely does sound like a scary event. Please let us know if you have anything you would like to send, whether monetary, physical items, or messages, to encourage her during this time.

Is anyone out there?

I don’t know if anyone reads this blog anymore  Most of those who were part, or wanted to be part, of the sponsorship program at CUS got tired of all the trouble and stopped caring, or paying attention.   I almost did too.  We’ve gone back and forth with different people handling the program, different ways of doing the program. We were lucky to have a few great, honest supporters like Plant-a-Book and AYA, but then of course several of us got burned when other people turned out to be less than honest.

But regardless of what we have thought, or gone through with this program, there’s one thing that has remained a constant.   Hellen.  Hellen is still over there, in Uganda, trying desperately to run a school to save a handful of children from the pitiful futures they face.  The less than honest people we have encountered have quite literally taken food out of those kids mouths.  And yet still Hellen has to face it every day.  Most recently she has had to deal with it all alone.

My wish has always been that a larger  organization would step in and help out, handle donations, run the sponsorship program.  Now I’ve received my wish.  I was contacted by a young woman who runs a successful program in he Dominican Republic.  She is affiliated with a group called Grassroots Schools Global Affiliates.   They support educational initiatives around the world and they have agreed to take CUS under their wing.  There are some rather strict requirements in order to qualify for this group, but Hellen is working hard to fulfill them.

So, the question is…are you in?  Are you willing to take a leap of faith and try to help get this school on its feet?  We have a way to go, but we plan to take it slow and steady.  We will be offering sponsorships at $120 annually but will also accept donations of any sort.  A full plan will be put together and will be posted a bit at a time.  For nor now, please let me know if you are interested.  The email button here still works and I will do my best to respond as quickly a possible.  For further info on the Grassroots Schools, click the link on the right side and it will take you there.  Thanks for your support.



Can imagine trying to learn without paper, pencils and now even without books?  The textbooks in Uganda have recently been updated and Christian Upliftment has been forced to use outdated text books. 

We’ve started a fundraiser to try to purchase three sets of books for each class.  The cost for all those books is only $925!  Won’t you help?  Even $5.00 will buy one book.  If you tell three friends and they tell three friends, you’d be able to purchase almost two full sets of books!  It’s so easy and a little goes such a long way.  Please take a look at our ChipIn page and make any donation you can.

And remember, all donations go through Plant A Book International, a registered 501c3 charity so all donations are 100% tax deductible!


Who are we helping?

I was thinking the other day about the families of the children who go to Christian Upliftment.  I was thinking about the children who suffer through parents who are alcoholics and drug users.  Or worse, children who have no parents are shuffled from place to place in order to get food.  I was amazed when Hellen sent me the biography of a little girl only five years old.  When asked where she lived she told Hellen that she moves from house to house to do work in exchange for food and a place to sleep.  How could something like this happen?  How could there be so much despair in one place? 

Then I started reading about the Lord’s Resistance Army and the horror they bestowed on everything they crossed.  Some of the stories were so horrific I cried while reading them.  Then I thought of these people near CUS trying desperately to forget what they have seen and experienced.  Trying to continue on with some semblence of a life.  These people were peaceful farmers before the LRA tore their lives apart.  It may be too late to help the parents who have suffered, but the children still have a chance.  Despite all they have gone through they still have hopes and dreams of a better life.  For just $60.00 a year you could help a child to get not only an education, but approval, caring, and the support they need to succeed.  Check out our childrens pages and choose a child today!

Here’s an interesting article on the Lord’s Resistance Army:

More New Kids Available!

I’ve received a couple of new pictures from Hellen showing  kids available for sponsorship.  Isn’t this group adorable?  Take a look at the appropriate boy/girl sponsorship page for details on each child.  Please feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have.

More Kids Added

Slowly but surely we are getting things up and running.  I’ve just posted a few more kids to the sponsorship pages and have a couple more to do tonight.  Please take a look at the new kids here.  If you have any questions feel free to send me a message!

Our First New Sponsorship!

Well, we have only 5 children on the site currently available for sponsorship but 2 of them have just been sponsored!  Thank you so much!  Thanks everyone for your patience as we add new children to the site.  There are still two adorable girls and one boy available…..

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